Monday, June 27, 2011

Staff housing is COMPLETE!

So we know that it has been a long time posting anything on our blog, but we are settled in our new home now and are settled here up at camp now and can focus on more updates. We hope to update weekly from here on can lovingly keep us accountable. You can thank my mom, Judy for giving us a kick to get back on. My parents have been dying to see photos of the completed staff housing. So here they are! The rooms are not spotless and that is why it was so hard for me to get pictures up because I have been waiting for that to happen...but with 3 kids and people in and out all the time that day will never come.

Master Bedroom

Loft where the kids sleep



  1. Wow guys!!!!! The new staff housing is beautiful!!!Such a job well done! Praise God! Thank you for the update I have been waiting :)

  2. Gorgeous!! Congrats on the new home - it's beautiful. Soooo homey! ENJOY.